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Booking Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions before undergoing any rider training with AG Rider Training.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information below.

They are there to protect both you, the customer and AG Rider Training.

By booking any training with AG Rider Training, it is deemed that you, the customer, has fully read and accepted these terms and conditions.

  • The customer must produce a valid UK driving licence for the category of vehicle the customer is using.
  • Any vehicle used by the customer for training must comply with all legal requirements. All essential mechanical operating systems must be in good working order and all tyres must be within the legal limits.
  • The customer must produce a valid certificate of insurance that covers their use of that vehicle on a road.
  • Customers attending with un-roadworthy vehicles or without the correct documentation must understand that training cannot commence. In this instance half of the training costs will be retained by AG Rider Training.
  • Full disclosure must be made by the customer, at the time of booking, if he/she knows of any drug/medical/medication condition (prescription or otherwise) that could impair his/her driving or riding ability. Failure to disclose any issues that become apparent to AG Rider Training will result in the termination of the training. No refund will be issued.
  • For rider training, customers must wear reasonable personal protective equipment (PPE) and AG Rider Training reserves the right to terminate training if AG Rider Training deems the level of PPE to be insufficient.
  • Prior to initial training the customer will be required to read a vehicle number plate from the legally required distance of 20.5m. If vision aids are required to successfully complete the eyesight test, these vision aids must be worn when riding. Failure to clearly read to pass the eyesight test will result in the immediate termination of the customer’s training.
  • Arriving for any training under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in the immediate cancellation of the entire training day. No refund will be given for the days training lost.
  • The customer will be responsible for any fines and endorsements as a result of any road traffic offence committed by them.
  • Whilst AG Rider Training will do everything to ensure your safety whist training, riding a motorcycle carries potential risk to the rider. The customer needs to understand these risks and agree to undergo training at their own free will.
  • The customer will accept responsibility for their own actions during the rider training and any possible injury caused to them during that time.
  • If the customer sustains an injury during training, AG Rider Training will stop the training and medical attention will be sought if needed. If the customer is happy to continue the training following the incident it will be at their own discretion and risk. AG Rider Training must also agree to continue the training.
  • AG Rider Training will reserve the right to terminate training in the event of any rider behaving in a dangerous or negligent manner. This includes on public highways and private property. In this case, no refund will be issued.
  • Full payment will be required on booking any training.
  • AG Rider Training will reserve the right to cancel, amend or re-arrange the date and time of training, giving reasonable notice where possible should circumstances dictate. Although this will be extremely rare, weather conditions (fog, ice, snow, high winds) or unforeseen issues may make it necessary.
  • Any training cancelled by the customer within 48 hours of their scheduled start time will incur half of the cost of the training fees, unless due to unavoidable circumstances including but not exclusively those detailed above.
  • AG Rider Training reserves the right to vary or change these terms and conditions without prior notice. Each customer will be deemed to have read and accepted the current terms and conditions.
  • AG Rider Training reserves the right to vary or change all training course prices without prior notice. However, any price change will not affect any training already booked by the customer.
  • All courses must be paid for at the time of booking..
  • All information passed to AG Rider Training will be treated as confidential. As such no information will be shared with any other company or organisation. Certain information that may be deemed to be relevant for future liaison with customers may be kept on record by AG Rider Training.

If you have any questions regarding the above T&C's, please contact us on

"Training with Alf was always a great experience. He has a natural ability to blend humour with detailed feedback on your riding"

Dave A, Barnsley, West Yorkshire

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