Advanced Motorcycle Training in Yorkshire

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to cover every eventuality with our FAQ section below, but if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Where will the training take place?

Depends on the location of where we meet. Primarily we will use the fantastic roads of the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas.

Do I need to wear a hi-viz vest during training?

It makes life a lot easier as you then stand out, so we prefer it.

AGRT will provide a suitable hi-viz vest for wear during training if you don’t have your own.

Do you use/provide an intercom system to aid training?

Yes, we provide a bluetooth set and ear piece. This allows us to give you directions and interventions, as required. It is a one way system that allows us to speak to you during riding.

Interventions are kept to a minimum so as not to provide distraction whilst you are riding.

Can I bring a friend?

Please feel free to do so (but give Alf some advanced notice please).

If they wish to train then we will be happy to break the session into 2 parts with you each getting:

  • For example, an hour and half instruction each
  • Please note the session will be extended to 4 hours to take into account 2 x debriefsĀ 

Do you have insurance to deliver training?

Yes. We carry public liability insurance through the Driving Instructors Association (DIA)

Are you first aid qualified?

Alf is "First Bike on Scene" qualified and carries a suitable first aid kit at all times.

Hopefully this will not be necessary.

"He (Alf) has the ability through his skills and experience to bring out your skills and enhance your riding to a higher level whilst making it enjoyable and fun."

Derek T, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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